Monday, February 7, 2011

Google- Art Project.

Time to photochop together your favorite master piece and slap it on your desktop in full digital-original quality- Imagine looking at Rembrandt's "Night Watch" on your 60 inch can see every flakes of dry paint and brush strokes.

Feel free to touch your screens, boys. Your favorite master artist's painting. Right at your finger tip. *giggly*

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Star light Star bright, the sky we see each night

Imagine the Sun has just slightly pass dusk, the sky reduces its radiate, and moments after it shines again-

A directional explosion comes downward first, like a bag of tiny marbles they spread through the sky like sands to the sea. the sky is now cover in these shimmering stars.
The smoke fog comes after. Forms the night clouds. Behind it a round, bright, ellipse descend.
A pillar connects the moon to earth, sometimes you can see a old man rotating the steady pace around the night.
We see this every night before we head to bed, what a night.

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